Day 57 (Mile 679.6 – 702.0):

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Realized there was a snake in the shelter I stayed at this morning. I thouht it was someone’s hat hanging there until I put my contacts in. 20170611_083754

There was quite the huge spider in the privy today. I know at my age I should not fear such things, but after seeing this spider, suddenly digging a cathole didn’t seem like such a bad idea. 20170611_083550

After those encounters, I encountered more, which I must note is not a norm for me.

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Anyway, today was a long day or at least an increasingly more difficult one.  While hiking, if I wasn’t listening to an audio book or music, you can almost guarantee I was cussing at some rocks.  Due to the increasingly more difficult sections, I decided to tape my shoes again…and then again a little differently, which seemed to stay on longer especially during the most strenuous part of the day.

The most strenuous section being Dragon Tooth, or at least the trail going down north of Dragon Tooth.  It was so tedious, I needed to pack the treeking poles away to free my hands.


Yes, I walked the 0.1 mile of the trail to Dragon’s Tooth. Here it is:20170611_185814

Weird occurance: When checking to see if I had hit the 700 mile mark yet, I was literally on top of it. Screenshot_20170611-185338

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