Finally got around to uploading some pictures on facebook. Have been putting that off for a while. Forced myself this morning since I did not know when the next time I will have this good of a wifi service.


Started day at check out time so sort of a nero.  Also, it was to rain today, so I also stopped early at the second shelter coming out of town with some other people. I very much could have hiked on but it felt as if it was going to rain any minute for four hours straight so that shelter is where I had spent the night.

Expectations verse reality is huge! I have been almost suprised from every encounter with sections of trail, towns, and people that I had a different expections of.

Is it weird to not even be half way done and cannot not wait to get started progressing my life further.

Pushing up the first incline, I found a gnome’s garden on the side of the trail:

Saw another turtle:20170615_131048.jpg

One of my water sources had some small fish in it.

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