Day 62 (Mile 739.3 – 760.1):

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Started pretty late in the day leaving camp maybe 10am.

Finished “Worthless,” another book by Aaron Clarey. I like to think I picked up this audio book to further my education in practically, but the real reason is because I enjoy how Aaron Clarey writes. He has a very humorous way of describing the world we live in. I do not really have anyone to  recommend this book, but if I did it would certainly be a nice going to way college present.  This book is by the way briefly explained in the previous book I read, “Bachelor Pad of Economics.”

Trail magic for the first time in a while! Thank you who ever left the apples!20170616_135924

Cool lizard I found and another turtle:

First time in a while I camped alone and probably first time at a shelter. 20170616_192636

Side Notes:
I plan to meet my Dad Sunday morning at a parking lot just north of the James River foot bridge (longest bridge on the AT) so I only need to push myself a little. I believe he will be hiking with me for two nights.

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