Day 63 (Mile 760.1 – 782.7):


Managed to sleep through alarm…leaving camp at 11am for a 20+ mile day. Hopefully, that will not be the case again tomorrow morning, for I need to meet up with my Dad at 7:30am.  My Dad said he can keep up with me at my 20+ mile pace, but I think it will be best to plan our day by ear.


Saw hardly anyone today. Maybe this is not a popular section b/c there weren’t even day hikers.

Not so clear picture of a different kind of turtle:20170617_174355

Alone at a shelter two nights in a row is pretty weird…apocalypse happen? I haven’t been sleeping anyway in the shelters with the increasingly warmer weather, but it would be nice to see someone.

Metal bang just happened…usually something large could make that sound and that is possible, but more likely a tree branch dropped on the metal roofing of the shelter I am camping near.  The loud metal bang happened again. Now this is where I convince myself the bangs are caused by just falling acorns.

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