Day 65 (Mile 800.0 – 817.1):

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Today, I really started to understand how much my Dad was in pain from the hike. I should have stopped at that shelter we stayed at yesterday to wait for the rain to pass.  Will definitely need to pay more attention if anyone else decides they want to hike with me for a bit.


Mom suprisingly arrived early for the first ever to pick us up at our meet up point.  Why mention this in the blog? Because it is that notable.

Went into town to grab a bite to eat. Ate way too much and spent a good hour in the car before getting back on the trail. I did not feel better in an hour, but I certainly felt better getting back to hiking.


Clouds rolled in when I made it to the top of mountain from parking lot and it poured for a good hour so I was soaked and actually very cold. I thought about stopping at the first shelter but I knew I would not be able to keep warm unless I had kept walking. Also, a part of me wanted to put the large amount of Calories I consumed to work.


Getting to camp, I thought of some creative ways to dry my clothes.  I quickly realized it was a terrible idea to trade my 20 degree sleeping bag for my fleece bag. I was very cold even with all my layers on that night.  With the still possible danger of hypothermia, I requested with my GPS communication device to send my sleeping bag to the next town I will be passing through immediately.

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