Day 66 (Mile 817.1 – 834.7):

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I really underestimated how cold it can still get.  I realize getting up a moving is necessary for warmth, but I waited until about 11ish for the temperature just to go up.


Despite the delay in departure and the wet feet today ended very well. The camp site is one of the most beautiful ones I have seen on the trail next to a beautiful water source. Got a nice spot with a log to sit one while I made my favorite meal, the Mountain House Spaghetti along with hot coco.
Very happy with the number of people here.  Very relaxed.


Side Notes:
Listened further into Walden. I very much agree with his minimalistic lifestyle, but the way the book is read is so boring.  If I get more books in the future, this would easily again be pushed on the back burner.

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