20170627_073915.jpgCool tree by the shelter I was staying at last night.


I don’t remember too much about this day (did notbtake notes like I usually do) other than, catching up with Wolf Girl (have not seen since Smokies), the $20 of ice cream I had eaten, staying at the Terrapin Station Hostel with Sweet Pea, and Sweet Pea not wanting to hike with me. =P She seemed to have been going through some shit. Wanted to help, but I felt it was not my place to so I hiked ahead.

The blackberry icecream was so good!20170627_104526


The Terrapin Station Hostel by the way was a very well set up hostel. I was honestly suprised to see that Sweet Pea (someone I met a couple shelters back) and I were the only ones staying there that night.


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