Day 75 (Mile 977.9 – 1014.4):

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No there is no typo, I actually hiked 36.5 miles. Dark to dark.  I was actually aiming for the 45 miles into Harper’s Ferry, but I completely forgot about the rollar coaster and that slowed me down quite a bit. The rollar coaster certainly kept up to its hype for being a difficult section.


Hit the 1000 mile marker! 20170629_130944

Finally made it out of Virginia. Not that it was a boring state, but because of how long of a time I was hiking through. Virginia is beautiful and so far my favorite state the AT goes through. I sincerely am considering planting my anchor here (buying some land), but more towards the north.  The area where you still have that southern feel, but also where the people are much friendlier. So maybe anywhere north of Waynesboro, VA.


Before I forget, I would like to thank Michelle and Chris Bashaw again for their hospitality!  It is very much appreciated! Thank you guys very much! =)

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  1. OMG How Exciting! 1,000 miles!!!!! woohooo!!! Congrats<3 Though it may seem small that's quite the achievement! Give yourself a pat on the back. Though you are young, this is not easy for a lot of people. Take it from me who only hiked 207 miles lol

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