Day 76 (Mile 1014.4 – 1023.1):

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Despite the short day, today was much harder than I expected likely though due to my crazy long day yesterday, but so much though I decided to stop at a gas station half way through that day not too far off the trail.  They had a deli and freals.  Last time I had Freals was likely college.20170630_093513

Wasn’t here too long but it definitely gave me some energy to keep pushing into town. Oh yeah I met Bluebird here…thought her name was blueberry until I saw her name in the year book. =P


Made it into Harper’s Ferry in the afternoon and just took my time.  Firstly, I had my picture taken at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC). I was number 1286.  Last year’s yearbook of northbounders had capped at1100 people.20170630_125009

Part of me wanted to look through the books a little longer, but there was a coffee shop I had wanted to check out called, “Guide Shack Cafe.”  I am not a coffee drinker on a day to day basis, but if there is a coffee shop in town that is not a Starbucks, I like to check it out. Anyways, it is one of the best coffee stops I have ever been to! 20170630_134209

If you decide to check it out and a guy named Matt is working (guy in photo above), get the Midnight Rasp.  The reason Matt needs to be there is because the drink was one of his personal creations.

I was here for a good amount of time. Hard to say though. I know I left at 3:45pm to get my maildrop package before the post office down the street had closed. Oh yeah Sweet pea stopped in here as well.  Little surprised at first how close behind me she was.

Made it to the room I reserved in town and was supposed to work on my blog, but instead just called up some peeps and talked.

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