Cold morning. Did not feel like hiking in the slightest even though the climbs today were easy. Did not even feel like getting water and oh boy did I regret that decision, but it is fine. I made it to town with the 8oz of water. At least I didn’t have to carry the weight. =P  Phone died half way through hike today, but trail was going to go through town so it was not a necessity.

Staying at the Doyle Hotel or Hostel in Duncannon, PA and it is connected to a bar! =D  Super relaxed now! Probably should have though drank some water first though. XD

Duncannon not as cool as Hot Springs, but really couldn’t care less. I am just finally happy that I am taking a nero. PA thus far hasn’t been too interesting trail wise. 20170709_154237

It’s a relief not to care how shitty a room is and have low standards. I thought the feeling of no debt was a liberating feeling. Shower and bed are the essentials. Nothing else matters anymore. Even if the water is cold, the bed springy, I could not care less.

Went exploring20170709_192711



Was talking to the bar tender of this restaurant I found when exploring the town (not on google maps)  and we got on the topic of how if people just knew this place existed, everyone would come here so she said, “If you comment on Guthook about this place, I will buy your next drink.”Screenshot_20170709-213324

The steak really was phenomenal. First steak on the trail! 20170709_204103

Not even five minutes later an older guy who happened to hike the AT in 2016 walks in and buys me my next drink.  Naturally, I go sit next to him and chat it up.  He had some interesting trail stories. His trail name was Brother Blood by the way.20170709_210402

A little after he left, some fellow hikers more around my age I barely know walk in and I without hesitation pull up a chair and get to know them. Bought a round of car bombs and then Mishap bought a round of oatmeal shots…both were super tasty.  Not too clear on the details afterward, but overall it was a great night with some awesome people and tasty drinks!

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