20170708_061308Long day. Making it into town was no feat. 12 miles before 10am in Boiling Springs, PA. Very cute little small town. Probably a nice place to retire.


My goal was to get into town, use the wifi and order what I needed off Amazon for the next town, but there happened to be an outdoor shop right off the trail there. The shop was mainly centered around fishermen, but there was also too a lot of good stuff for hikers as well, including my new headlamp! 20170709_160311

And guess what?! It’s also water resistant! =D

As for the battery bank, I decided to buy that offline. The ones sold there were way too heavy and expensive.

Got some lunch with The Kid and Plant and made my way back on to the trail, which unfortunately (very boring) was very very flat for the next 14 miles, the majority of the time through farmland.20170708_093126


My feet were very thankful for the up hill afterwards. I don’t know what it was about the flat parts but my feet were dead after the consistent stretch of flats.20170708_192206


Super stoked The Kid and Plant were camped at the same shelter last night. Conversation was very entertaining.

Finally, was able to eat my avacodo for dinner that I purchased five days ago!

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