Day 87 (Mile 1151.5 – 1175.9):

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Terrain was not as bad as I had anticipated. I could have made it to the next shelter last night. Oh well.

Switched to another audio book to essentially listen to something that required little to no effort of mental energy.  “Seduction” by Robert Greene required a little more than I was willing to give.

I enjoyed the start of “Thank You For Being Late: A Optimistic’s Guide to a Thriving in the Age of Accelerations” by Thomas Friedman on the importance of making time to reflect in such a seemingly chaotic growing technologic world, but after chapter one and now even in chapter six the author has just been giving a history lesson of computation, unfortunately all common knowledge today, at least for me.  I am on the edge of my seat for the guide part of the book, patiently waiting for the advice part. Not that I would make a better author, but it would help if he at the end of each chapter explained why that excerpt of history is important to the “Optimist.”


Met a guy, also through hiking with a mirroring personality as Jamie, a friend back home. Behavior (gestures), speech patterns, and attitude identical.  His placement though hiking the AT was somewhat baffling based on this attitude towards life, but to each their own. I am sure he has his own reasons. I should have took the time to talk to him more to see what he gets or got out of the trail.

Overwhelming amount of what I believe is iron at this water source…at least it tastes of iron.20170711_152440

The next water source was brackish…what is with this section of water sources?

Luckily the water source at camp was decent. 🙂

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