Ah this may explain those metallic and salty water sources. Certainly, there was more than just coal here though. I wonder the accuracy of this sign. 20170712_110912

Thoughts continued on “Thank You For Being Late” by Thomas Friedman:
Okay I see where the author is now going with this. Unfortunately, that flow he mentions as the most important if one wants to advance in the world in though is presisly the noise that I wanted so desperately to get away from and clearly think.  I understand its importance, but I had been hoping this author was going to have more of a solution other than to just making time to reflect and think about your chaotic day.  Although, it may just be that simple. If this book continues to give history lessons in the further chapters, save yourself the trouble and just read the introduction (or chapter one if listening to the audio book).  Will continue my thoughts later. May even come back to this book based on my current mood which has nothing to do with the book, but my own personal state of mind. I do not mentally nor emotionally feel good.




Not in the slightest felt like hiking today. Suprised I made it far as I did. I was done with my day eleven and a half miles into it, unfortunately for me I needed water and the next water source was two miles away. I did plan to go to a really cool shelter with a shower four more miles down the trail, but I just did not have it in me.

Trail magic today was a big morale booster. Someone left a cooler with sodas in it for the thru-hikers right before the Swatara River bridge.20170712_131856


Flies were a real pain along with the intense humidity.

The shelter I did stop at was pretty cool looking…was the only one here although likely because everyone else was probably trying to get to that shelter four miles further with the solar panel shower.20170712_181854


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