Day 100 (Mile 1334.1 – 1358.5)

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New headlamp!

This morning had been very cool due to the early morning rain and for whatever reason I was in the zone, so I started to blog, but after the rain had cleared up, I felt the need to keep on pushing so I did. Today was a very very flat day. I was liking the change, the change of no more rocks to slow me down!20170724_173209

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To end the day, I camped a little right after “stairway to heaven,” which by the way I didn’t realize until after much later when locals were asking me if I had climed it. It’s certainly hyped up, but the climb does not keep up to its hype. The climb after Lehigh Gap should honestly have a nick name, because that is significantly harder.

Ended the night with a very inspiring conversation with Yard Sale (set her tent up next to mine right before it started raining), who happened to have very similar feeelings I did about the trail, the culture of the trail, and the future of ourselves off trail, after the trail. =)


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