I very much needed the package (headlamp) at the post office here in Unionville so I had to force a zero day. Normally, if I landed a town on a weekend, I would bounce the post box to a further destination and keep hiking, although since I ordered a package on Amazon to be sent to this destination, I cannot alter its path, at least not for free.  Should have been working on my blog, but with the heat I couldn’t get myself to think. Yes, I know I am making an excuse. The reality of the matter is that I no longer enjoy keeping up with my blog. It is keeping me away from what I enjoy the most about the trail, the freedom and the people.  There are tons of people on the trail who also have blogs that they have been neglecting as well.  I am at the point where I am now forcing myself to blog for the wants of a future self. I know I am going to want this, know what I was thinking, seeing, and doing. I will want to know especially how I will be feeling come the last 100 miles.

Anyways while procrastinating, I caught up with some peeps and talked to that special someone that would like to keep her name anonymous, about a nightmare I had.  I know I know some would really like it know what it was about, but this little snippet of information is for me to remember that I had this nightmare, my thoughts at the time, and how I ultimately processed it. The nightmare was so bad, I  distracted myself pretty much all day to avoid thinking about it. The vividness of the nightmare still sticks with me and I am curious when I look back at this blog post what my mind will remember.

Young Gandalf (really tall guy from Florida)…I believe he is standing in the photo of what the inside of the bar looked like when we were all at Gypsy’s Tavern if you are curious what he looks like…mentioned that he is using Game of Thrones as way to motivate himself to do more miles. He will create a goal from a week away and try to get there to watch the next episode when it comes out. I personally thought it was a good idea so I may try it out as well.   That being said, I am caught up on Game of Thrones.  Before, I simply was going to just bindge watch it when I finished the trail.  Now I have something else to think about while walking.

Before nightfall I see a girl setting up a tent, a really heavy tent actually and notice she is no way a through hiker, then it clicks.  She is living out of her car and has been traveling! At this point I was full of questions! Young Gandalf also seems very interested. Anyways, we talk all the way to the bar, have a couple of drinks, and go our separate ways.

Side Note:
– The New Jersey section of the Appalachian trail rides along the border between New Jersey and New York for a good bit, so the town I am staying in is in New York, but I am still hiking in the New Jersey section of the trail.
– Song stuck in my head: Seafret – Oceans

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