20170730_094033Apparently this is the biggest tree on the Appalachian Trail. I personally think they need to remeasure b/c I remember the oak in southern Virginia being much larger.


Neglected to see the sign before drinking straight from the water source. Fortunately, as I write this blog entry days later, I did not get sick.20170730_12005020170730_120229

Made it to the New England part of the trail! 20170730_12442020170730_13365120170730_152235

My goal for the day was to find a place to talk to a close friend and watch Game of Thrones, although unfortunately, getting a place in Connecticut would have been very expensive. In Kent, CT the cheapest place a night was $165 and that’s not including the 15% hotel tax (a tax I didn’t know existed until this state).  When I got to Kent, I simply stuck around until dark and stealthed camped off not too far from the road, off the trail.  I got to talk to my close friend. As for Game of Thrones, I lucked out having service in the area.


Mom: The Coffee Jelly you gave me was on point. Made my next two breakfasts more enjoyable than usual. Thank you for the jelly!

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