Day 107 (Mile 1467.7 – 1476.8)

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So far the majorty of Connecticut has been flat along rivers mostly. Yes, there were some hard sections, but nothing for more than a mile stretch.

Ran into a section hiker. For the life of me cannot remember his trail name but he was sitting on the road before the road into Cornwall Bridge, CT doing a section hike alone at the age of 16. He was surprisingly mature for his age so we talked pretty much for the next 5-6 hours.  Gave him some advice. Suprisingly, he asked if I would like to split a room with him in town. He seemed like a decent fellow so we did and talked some more.

Talked some more to my close friend. I honestly don’t remember what we talked about for the hour we talked, but I do remember feeling very warm after the call.  I just mainly enjoy hearing her voice. =)

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