Day 113 (Mile 1548.1 – 1568.5)

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Pancakes and coffee in the morning!  Ken and his family, the carecakers were phenomenal!  He made pancakes literally until everyone was satisfied. I had four myself!  It was baffling the amount of blueberries the south bounders had gathered for the pancakes. Those blueberries were so on point. Best blueberry pancakes ever consumed. Solid 7/7. 👌🏼20170806_07054520170806_063633

Feels exactly like a fall morning up here. It is starting to realy get chilly. I question my decision that Hanover, NH was the best place to pick up my winter gear.  The remainder of the day felt exactly like a fall day. It was one of the most beautiful bug free days I have hiked in a while.

Ran into the couple through hiking the trail with the infant. I read about them in a Backpack’s magazine before leaving for the trail in April.20170806_131349

Stayed the night at Levardi’s in Dalton, MA. A guy that lets through hikers tent in his back yard.20170806_180918

Finished “Outliers” in less than 24 hours (It is a 7 hour book). Very well written book. His point throughout the book is on point. Ha. Certainly undercovered a perspective I have never thought in before. I wouldn’t say this is a must read, but it is a very good one. It opens the mind a little more.  Moving on to next book!  Crushing miles and books is an overwhelmingly great feeling (even though I am simply only listening). I cannot remember a time I was this truely happy.

After reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book, “Outliers” is it wrong of me to no longer feel guilty of taking advantage (make use of) of my parent’s wealth? I thought before that taking advantage of my parent’s support was a something that would stunt my growth and to an extent I believe that is still true.  With too much support, one will be unable to support and grow themselves. I now better understand the importance of an opportunity.  I want to be completely independent, but that will be much harder if I do not take full advantage of the opportunities/resources that are available to me.

Don’t misinterpreted please. I am not going to ‘live it up’ on my parent’s support. I am going to take advantage of their advantages available to me to support myself. For example:

-Take advantage of the money available to futher my education.
– Legal help
– Temporary shelter
– Connections

I am also more aware of my other advantages in the world and I am going to take full advantage of those advantages as well.  What are those advantages?  To be blunt, being a white straight male.  One should certainly be aware of one’s opportunities, but not let another’s critism hold you back for taking advantage of your opportunities.  Let the others be jealous.  No need to hold yourself back for feeling guilty of those advantages.  One can’t control the world they were born in to. If another, less fortunate were in your shoes, they would be taking full advantage of the opportunities that may not normally be available for them. If you want to get ahead, yes work harder, but also take advantage of very opportunity that comes your way. Be greatful for those opportunities.

Side note:
While listening to an audio book I already feel as if I am hearing distant chatter just ahead, but when the chatter doesn’t get louder I am puzzled. I may be hearing things. There is also the possibility I am just behind a group of fast paced hikers all the time…but all the time?  Maybe the wind can speak.



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