Mr. Levardi made us all breakfast!received_344087079355983

Levardi’s Cat20170807_082552

The plan was to watch Game of Thrones and talk to my close friend in Dalton, but with the lack of service, I was unable to do so.  Cheshire, MA being my next destination, I continued on to the next town, and decided to take a nero there.  Luckily and suprisingly for me though, I had service in Cheshire so I didn’t need to hang around a hotspot while in town.

Stayed in the lawn of the St. Mary of the Assumption Church.  They allow hikers to stay over night on the lawn and chill inside during the day.20170807_152958

A guy (Pheasant Melon) made a tinder soley to get a ride into town to get food.  I am more shocked that it worked. She picked up him along with three other guys, Dozer and Umbrella Face included. I sorta wished I tagged along, but I wanted to be sure not to miss conversation with my close friend.

It was supoosed to rain today, but the weather kept getting pushed further and further.  It did rain, but not until late that evening.

Dunkin Doughnuts walking distance!  I have a pretty good feeling I will no longer eat this type of food post trail, so mind as well enjoy it while the costs are minimum to my body in this state.20170807_190959

I don’t remember the reason, but my close friend never got around to calling me.  I do remember getting upset, especially since we arranged a time. If no time was arranged, I wouldn’t care.  I personally do not like people waiting on me so if I knew for some reason I would miss or be late to an arrangement, I would at least notify the other party before the arranged time.

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