Day 116 (Mile 1577.5 – 1599.1):

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Left Chesire, onward to Mt. Greylock, which I believe is the highest point in Massachusetts. Came across some amazing trail magic practically taking over a parking lot a little before the summit of Greylock. There were BLAT (Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, and Tomato) wraps, fruit salad, beer, soda, bagels, etc.! This may have been the largest trail magic I have yet to come across. Turns out this trail magic was put together by Blue Bird’s parents. If there is a possibility Blue Bird’s parents are reading this, I would like to thank you guys again for your generosity.


That fruit salad! 👌🏼20170809_112229

Cool little pond before the top of Greylock with what appeared to be a small cabin on the other side of it.


Greylock as expected, a little before the summit, with all the roads up there was very much touristy. I didn’t look too much into the history, but there was a light house looking structure on top of Greylock. Beautiful view too! 20170809_13122420170809_132203

On the way down from Greylock, I ran into this painter…20170809_133022

…painting this view:20170809_133002

We talked for a bit. Apparently, he retired from an IT profession and now spends his days painting. One of my friends, Hope is an artist in training…I wonder if she does this sort of thing.

After Greylock, I pretty much felt like crap for the remainder of the day. It could be one of two things. The six doughnuts I ate the previous night or the beers I drank at the trail magic. I’m going to bet on the beer, but it could also be the combination. I have endured much worse, so I kept on pushing the remainder of the day.

Made it into Vermont and the start of the Long Trail, which I could be a thru-hiker of too if I go back and finish the remainder since it runs along the Appalachian Trail for a good bit, after I complete the Appalachian Trail. As of now, that is not an interest of mine since I don’t particularly hike for the completion part.


Also, at this border was a guy who I won’t mention the name of was smoking his weed and when I asked he said it was because weed will not be legal again until Maine, which I found strange because the law is not something that would stop this guy or anyone for that matter on the trail.

Made it to my destination, the first shelter in VT and it had quite the pool of people. It seems they had the same goal as I, to get to Vermont. It is also the first shelter for the Long Trail. There was not the best place for tent camping. It was pretty much impossible to avoid the rocks.  Met Disciple along with Cur Dog (Two older men in their 40s or 50s) for the first time here along with several other new faces which I will likely mention in the later days. Disciple is simply a follower of Jesus. More on Disciple later. He is truly an inspiring human being.

Unexpected rain while eating dinner. You could literally hear the confusion as everyone scrambled, leaving their dinners in the rain to make sure their gear didn’t get wet. Fortunately for myself, I had eaten the majority of my dinner and always eat my dinner after I am set up for the night so the only task left at hand for me to do was to tie up my bear bag.  Although, to avoid the rocks in this one spot I decided to set up my tent on a not completely flat surface improperly for rainy conditions.  On a hill I need to set up my tent with the sides of the tent on the down hill, which are the sides with the doors.  I do not remember if I mentioned this prior, but if I set up the tent laying parallel to the hill, my feet (or head) could potentially slide into the bug netting pushing out past the cuben fiber, which will let water in if raining.  Yes, I know, major design flaw, but still worth the purchase in my opinion with how well it has been holding up on my through hike thus far.  I have made this mistake two times prior on the trail.  If I mentioned water getting into my tent previously on my blog, this was the cause.  While it did rain tonight, I avoided getting wet by sleeping diagonally, which is not uncommon for me to do since I like to spread out some when I sleep.

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