20170808_183041Cheshire feels homey.

Took a zero soley to catch up on my blog. I have yet to upload it, but I certainly have caught up with my offline copy.  I had been working on my blog straight for twelve hours. I am very thorough so despite my long commitment, I still had some work left to be done by the end of the day.

I neglected to eat for a good chuck of the day and by the time I did get around to eating, I didn’t feel to good for a while for a while digesting that food.  Not 100% sure of the cause, but I am definitely not holding off eating again that long.

Had been able to converse with my close friend fortunately later at night, so late I needed to get out of my tent and walk towards the school behind the church so I wouldn’t disturb the other people tenting near me.  I tried not to pay too much attention to the strange circled driving in the parking lot between the school and the church, but I completely got distracted by the sillyness I was witnessing.  At first I was thinking it was drunk driving, but it was more likely just test driving in the middle of the night. We had not one but two conversations, not because of the lack of service as usual, but because of a favor she was asked by her sister.  She then asked me to call her back in 40ish minutes, since she easily gets distracted. I know red flag, but this sort of behavior is in her nature, at least from what had gathered over the years. After calling her a goldfish, for easily getting distracted and waiting 40ish minutes, I called her back.  I didn’t have too much to say. I simply wanted to hear her voice.  Conversation is sometimes hard as a hiker when you feel you have been experiencing the same old same old for the day to day for what feels like forever. I no longer feel I am sharing new and exciting things, especially to a person who is out of the loop with life on the trail. She may have felt the same way for me as well since I had been out of the loop on society, but then again I am usually the one talking anyway, soceity or not.  At times she makes me feel like I am the only one in the world, but just as easily the opposite will take place, almost as if she is uncertain of her emotions.  Just as in the beginning of my hike, time wise, I can tell she is flattered, but not at all if she is interested.  With all of the apparent red flags, I would be a fool to assume she is interested, but hopeful as I am, I continue to fall.  That vulnerable feeling when you realize how far you’ve already fallen.


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