Day 118 (Mile 1621 – 1642.1):

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Woke up early, as planned to catch the sun rise on the fire tower with everyone else. The views were phenomenal. It looked as if we were looking out to a sea of mountains from the top of the tallest pine tree.

Had some service up there so I texted my close friend what I was seeing! She sent me that one emoticon with “x” for the eyes.  I will admit, it was pretty scary coming down.  I was likely too tired to care on the way up.

I should have taken advantage of the day, but I crawled back into bed only to lay there for two hours and not regain the warmth I had lost.


The mud seemed non-stop today.

20170811_163841That climb to Stratton Mountain felt like it went on forever!  Speedy had been hanging up there looking at a Appalachian Trail map posted up there. He is really into Maps I believe since he went to school for graphic design. I first met him at the first shelter in Vermont, but really didn’t get to know him until today. We were both interested in splitting a place in Manchester center to save some money, but did not have a reliable way to keep connected so we camped and hiked together to guarantee the plan.

Received another night of some of that unexpected rain. I am not complaining. I would prefer rain any night than during the day.

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