Day 120 (Mile 1650.7 – 1659.5):

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Made our way out of town pretty slowly today. Stopped at the seemingly popular destination for thru-hikers, “Up For Breakfast.” I was recommended to go by a previous thru-hiker, the one with the bourbon a couple days ago. It was strangely a cash only restaurant so both Speedy and I had to run to the Rite Aid next door for the ATM while awaiting for a spot. There were quite a number of people interested in speaking to both of us about our journey. In my experience, while I am not too phased, most people are just in awe and full of questions. It is understandable, but there are just more interesting people to talk to, not in the open, out in the world, accomplishing greater things. I am just simply walking. Or as FuckIt explained to me in New York, paying top dollar to be homeless. While the restaurant was cramped, the food was well worth the stop. We both had the “Hungry Hiker” (A platter with two eggs, bacon, sausage links, hash browns/home fries, toast, and two pancakes). I wish I ate the pancakes first. The pancakes may be the reason why this place is so popular, aside from the atmosphere.

Hitched back to the trail. Speedy is a god when it comes to getting a ride. I cannot figure out how he could get a ride so quickly.


Very much bloated, we both made our way up Mt. Bromley. We have very similar paces and I love talking to him, but I very much wanted some space since we had spent the past two days together. I am likely over thinking it, but I felt I came on a little too strong when I said I would like to hike alone for a while. He said that was fine since he was supposed to meet up with his father soon at certain time for Mt. Killington, a 4,000 footer coming up in Vermont. He and his father are apart of this 4k club that involves hiking all of the 4,000 footers I believe in the New England region. I may be wrong on the the region. The interaction felt a little awkward because a top this mountain we both sat and chilled up there on an inoperative ski lift. Speedy Skis during the winter if I have not yet mentioned that. 20170813_143356

The other ski lift there was operational and the engineer there said we could take a ride down the mountain if we wanted to, although we would have to pay if we wanted a ride back up. I believe the ski lifts stay operational for the view up there.20170813_134501

I was feeling pretty lazy today so I cut the day short. With an already low mileage day, late start day, I knew I could not hike a high mileage day I seek out to accomplish on a day to day basis. With low hopes of being able to have service in my tent for Game of Thrones, I sought out a stealth spot on top of Peru Peak, right before Peru Peak shelter. Good on water, I decided to stealth at that spot. There was no service unfortunately, but at least I have the alone time to work on my blog.


Side Note:
– Bought a Probar in town to try it out and I would like to say while, it was very nutritious and almost twice the amount of calories than a Cliff Bar, it was no where near a meal replacement as advertised, at least for a thru-hiker. They are very expensive, so I am a little relieved I didn’t end up feeling replenished after eating on of these.  Must though credit how tasty these are!


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