I would like to say we zeroed because of the forecast, but I don’t remember.  As for the day, I am foggy.


I do have this photo though so it looks like I met back up with Gazelle (left most) who was with…I’m blanking on the name (2nd from left), along with Speedy (3rd from left), his mother who is visiting (4th from left), and Speedy’s brother (5th from the left).

I believe Gazelle was in the area to meet up and hike with, … again blanking on name (2nd from left) in the Whites.  I found out somehow that she was in the area so I invited her to stay for the night along with, 2nd from the left if they wanted a place to stay for the night.  They were down.

Very fuzzy on timeline, but I think a little after we all meet up, they shower, and then we then all get in the car with Gazelle to Walmart, pick up snacks and most likely a couple of other things as you can make out in the photo above.

Later in the day we met Speed’s Mom and brother who plan to hike with Speedy the following day.  Now that I am thinking about it, I have pretty much seen all of Speedy’s immediate family at this point.  First his Dad in Vermont and now his Mom and brother in New Hampshire.  Speedy’s mother apparently makes blueberry wine which she all let us try out.  As far as I remember, it was good.

Side Notes:

– I am now awaiting Speedy’s response to if she sells the wine…will edit her business information here if that answer is a yes.

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