Lone Growth

Day 139 (Mile 1893.8 – 1905.5):


Had a late start to the day around 11am.  Parted with Gazelle and the other guy who I still am drawing a blank on.

Something about getting back on trail is a peaceful feeling.  I no longer remember the feeling, but I remember feeling the feeling of when I had been hiking if that makes any sense.  I know I would have enjoyed writing these blog entries more a year ago.  I got that oomph when writing them.  I regret not finishing these blog entries immediately upon returning from my journey.  The pictures help, but it is not quite the same.


My memory doesn’t seem to completely gone.  I seem to be missing a photo from my library that I had in mind for this post.  I have no idea why my master photo library would be missing photos, but I fortunately found the one I was thinking about in a previous Facebook post.

Ended the night at Gentian Pond Shelter conversing with Speedy and his fam.  Wish I remembered what we talked about. 21369320_1366113673486514_6784947270200157912_n

This unfortunately was the last time I saw Speedy.  He and his family were early risers.

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