Blue Gem

Stumbled upon the location above entirely on accident. I was in the area with the intention to check out another waterfall further down stream.

I would like to note that I have no idea why the water is blue. I am thinking copper but it could really be anything. This said, I don’t recommend swimming. Also, all the rocks were really slippery. There were a couple of angles of the waterfalls I wanted to get, but didn’t trust my footing enough to get them. I had been wearing hiking boots. If you check this place out, only go as far as you feel you can. There was this one crossing near where I had been standing in the photo above that that had a shallow flow, but if I were to cross and slip for whatever reason there was a slim chance, I’d flow down stream towards the other waterfalls, a chance you shouldn’t take.

There are different lights in my shots because I stumbled upon this spot a little too late to explore this area to my heart’s content. There is a parking lot, but there was also this small spot a little further down the road past that parking lot.

Morning was beautiful, still, and foggy

Further down the road here, there are a couple more waterfalls. Please use caution when attempting these trails. The trails are steep, though fortunately there are ropes in toward the end at the really steep sections. That out of the way, the trails will be on the left less then a mile from the parking lot and marked with…I want to say blue tape. If the markers are no longer here, I do apologize for wasting your time, though the narrow trail should still exist down the the falls, hopefully still with the ropes.

Got one more peak of the gem before I left the area.

These waterfalls are not well-known and I spend a considerable amount of time venturing off the beaten path. So, if you are an adventurer like myself, dating an adventurer, or a photographer, I’m offering a time-saver. For a donation I’ll send you the GPS coordinates of the parking lot and names of the waterfalls.

Please be sure to include your preferred e-mail in the notes section of the PayPal donation for receiving the location information.

If you do not receive an e-mail back within 24 hours, please contact me here. I regularly check my e-mail morning and night.

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