If you love gorges, this trail is for you.

I got here pretty early in July, like earlier than even the admission office, so keep in mind that this place isn’t normally solitary.

Despite only seeing a couple of people, this trail smelled like cologne. The smell wasn’t bad…just misplaced.

The trail maintenance on this trail is phenomenal. I can’t imagine how some of these sections of this trail were built.

…especially this route.

Do all waterfalls sound like static on a TV?

IMPORTANT: This trail is closed during the winter season, November to April.

ADMISSION FEE: Keep in mind, there is an entrance fee of $8 (as of creation of this post).

Tip: Great thing about New York state parks is you only pay once. You do not need to pay again if you happen to visit another state park that day.

NameWatkins Glen Gorge
LocationWatkins Glen State Park
Parking/Trailhead42.372945, -76.891738 -> Where I parked
42.375231, -76.873156 -> Another Option
Trail NameWatkins Glen Gorge Trail
Hike Length2.1 miles

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