As the title strongly suggests, this is the place you go if you want to see a ton of waterfalls. There are a total of 21 named waterfalls on this trail ranging from 11′ to 94′ tall as you can see on the map sign below.

I’ve been here on two different instances, once toward the end of the Summer and once at the beginning of Fall along with a friend in 2018 to explain the varying sets of photos.

I these waterfalls I have heard flow all year round from the pond up on the hill so there really isn’t a bad time to go here. Each and every season is a new hike.

Late Summer
Early Fall

The Fall photos in my opinion look more beautiful. 🍁🍂

This waterfall is massive in person

These waterfalls are in no particular order or rather they’re in order for the first couple pictures, but then fall out of order to reflect my current memory of this hike. Ha

The deets:

Parking/TrailheadThere are multiple trailheads. This is just the one I used: 41.300311, -76.272494
Hike NameRickets Glen Falls Loop
Hike Length6.6 miles

Side Notes:

  • This trail takes a lot out of you so pack food and plenty of water. The first time I failed to do this and rushed the second half.
  • Be sure to get here early especially in the Summer and Fall. This is a very popular place.
  • This hike can be found on multiple platforms. I usually use AllTrails for anything popular, which is what this hike is.

My hiker companion, Hope.

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