General Sherman Tree

This trip is part of a larger trip in California back in May 2018 with a close friend and travel companion, Karen. I have been meaning to write about this trip for quite some time, but I am a little hesitant. Not that the trip was a poor experience, but because the trip was perfectly executed (we make a good logistics team) less than perfection.

Unfortunately, as time passed, my memory of my exact thoughts about the trip between photos has fallen through the cracks.

This said, I have decided to tackle sharing these experiences in approachable partitions on a hike to hike basis.

This particular post is not one location, but several, all very close to one another. Basically, the general theme here are the very large trees, which is the main reason we wanted to visit Sequoia National Park. I will be sure to put the different locations under each photo.

Sherman Tree Trail

I remember being ecstatic walking down the trail. The trees looked so unreal, like something man made, almost as if we were in one of Disney’s theme parks. The trees felt more like a museum of statues instead of living things, though the fact that they are living made the experience so much more magical.

Sherman Tree Trail

There were also some very large pine trees living with the Sequoias. These were the largest pine cones, we have ever seen.

On the way to our next destination, (which I will cover in a future post) we stopped along the road a couple of times to check out more of trees.

Parker Group

There weren’t a lot of people here and I think the reasoning behind this was because we were traveling a bit early in the season, close to when the roads open back up from winter in the Sierras. Later in this California trip, when visiting Yosemite, we were actually quite lucky that the roads had opened up when they did in 2018 because in other years previously, they would open up as late as the last week of May. FOR THIS LOCATION, from what I have read online, the road to General Sherman, “Generals Highway” doesn’t close seasonally, but often require tire chains in the winter months of the year.

NameGeneral Sherman Tree
LocationSequoia National Park
Parking/Trailhead36.585003, -118.749749
Trail NameSherman Tree Trail
Hike Length1-2 miles

Travel Companion

If you are interested in reading Karen’s perspective, she actually wrote up the majority of our trip already on her blog, which you can find here: California: Sequoia National Park

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