This was my Fall trip in November 2018. Out of all the trips I have had here, this was by far the most beautiful, though to be fair this is Shenandoah in the Fall at peak foliage.

This is surprisingly not a popular waterfall, one could even say underrated. In fact, I have never even heard about it up until 2018.

Who’s idea was to use these as signs throughout Shenandoah and why?

The temperatures that morning went from frost on car to like mid 50’s in a couple hours. I wished I had brought more layers to shed.

Learned a lot about cameras on this hike like how a shot is easier to take in cloudy environments because of the balanced amount of light as well as advised to look into mirror less cameras. Photography is an interest of mine, but I would prefer at least for now funnel any extra money into future adventures. I have a hard time justifying the price of a good camera.

There are a number of ways to get here. This way shortest way without a park entry fee. Be sure to have a map with you. I personally use GPS-maps if I’m ever lost, just be sure to download the map before you leave. A good GPS-map for well known destinations is AllTrails.

Anyway, after you park, you will be doing a bit of road walking on Thompson Hallow Road before reaching the trail head. After reaching the trail head you’ll be on Thompson Hallow Trail. Follow that until you reach a fork. Take the fork left on to Overall Run Trail. This trail will take you to an overlook of the falls. This can be a loop hike with the other options of trails in the area, but if you are going to take the way I took, you’d just head back the way you came.

NameOverall Run Falls
Location38.783415, -78.294590
Parking:38.801839, -78.314828
Trailhead:38.798718, -78.314814
Trail NameThompson Hallow Trail + Overall Run Trail
Hike Length5.6 miles (Out & Back)

Side Notes:

  • Technically there is an entrance fee to this park, though for this hike, there is not an entry fee since the start of this trail, the way I took, doesn’t involve entry way to skyline drive.
  • There is no trail to the bottom of the falls. I actually tried to get there, but turned back when I felt like I had been endangering my life.
  • During my adventures off trail, I happened to see what I looked like a panther, but would make a lot more sense if it were just a skinny black bear. I have some footage, but it is like Bigfoot quality footage.

Cool view off trail

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