This was part of a larger trip back in late March of 2018 after a recent snow. You should be able to see some of the snow still left on the sides of the trail.

I really need to start writing down a notes or what ever is on my mind when I hike these trails in a special place so can make these blogs more journal like. Eventually, I’d like to get to the point where I go travel and for the next few weeks after, I am recalling those adventures from just a month ago and I will get there, but I would like to first make record as well as share my previous. Luckily, it shouldn’t take more than a year to post those previous adventures since I haven’t been seeking out these type of places until 2015 along with a full time job (the majority of the time). I am pretty sure that once I do catch up to the present, my posts will be be closer to every week instead of twice.

On this trip, I remember the waterfalls being quite full from the snow melt. So much so, I avoided the lower trail (trail map at bottom of post) since most of the path way was under water. Though, I did cross over to the lower trail near the falls as you can kind of see in the photo below.

Anyone else ever notice that waterfalls sound like static noise on a TV?

The boardwalk deck really helps show just how massive this waterfall really is. If you can’t tell still, this waterfall is 69 feet tall.

While late March is a good time to go, it might be better if you go in the warmer months especially if you’re a swimmer or would like to see more color. At low flow the water has more of a greenish hue from what I have seen online. I’ll certainly return here since I didn’t get a chance to hike the lower trail, hopefully with a companion.

The deets:

NameCascade Falls
Location2068 Cascade Drive
VA 24136
Parking/Trailhead37.353779, -80.599186
Trail NameLower Trail/Upper Trail
Hike LengthApproximately 4-miles (loop)

Side Note:

  • Found some cute bison on the way out of here to my next destination.

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