This was a trip Hope and I did in July 2018 that was more of a drive for us than a hike. For us it was 8 hours round trip, which is to be honest is even crazy for me to do in one day. Wish I knew what I was thinking at the time. 😅

Very windy

We realized a storm was brewing maybe 1/4 of a mile from the viewpoint in the shot above. Personally, my favorite weather is right before a storm, though when you’re on top of a mountain, your opinion might change. We hustled back down. Ha

Storm cleared up surprisingly quick

Everything always way more vivid when it rains.

NameSeneca Rocks
LocationSeneca Rocks, WV
Parking/Trailhead38.835656, -79.372564
Trail NameSeneca Rocks Trail
Hike Length3.2 miles (Out & Back)

Side Notes:
– There is more of a view up past the viewpoint on the observation platform, though for obvious reasons we did not venture past the platform.

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