This might have been Katie’s favorite place out of the seven places we checked out for our trip September 2019 in Pisgah National Forest.

I mean look at this foliage! It’s absolutely beautiful!

The great thing about this trail is that most of everyone could do this trail. This was probably the easiest trail we’ve done this week. There are longer trails in this area such as the Art Leob Trail though Katie and I were pretty exhausted already from our previous hikes to do anything more.

I knew of this trail, planning the trip, picking trails Katie would like…she likes balds, but I had no idea no idea we would be experiencing fall foliage in early September! We were ecstatic! The cool part was that it was only on top, if you were to look in the distance, likely due to being at higher elevations, the lower elevations looked to still have their summer leaves.

Mountain Flowers

NameBlack Balsam Knob
LocationCanton, NC
Trailhead/Parking35.320544, -82.876017
Trail NameArt Loeb Trail
Hike Length1.5 miles (Out & Back)

Side Notes:
– There are 15 official parking spots at the trailhead.

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