Virgin Falls

This trip to Virgin Falls was the first trip Katie and I went to during my visit in February 2020. On the way there, we managed to get lost. My GPS was attempting to take me to as close to the waterfall itself instead of the trailhead for the waterfall. After warnings from another group of hikers who had also made the same mistake, I for whatever reason decided to keep going dismissing this road as just an alternative route, closer to the trailhead. For a bit more insight, I was in a rental sedan. To be honest, I’m not too sure what I was thinking at the time. I remember not being as fazed. Thinking back, I should have taken the very helpful advice of the other hikers or at least pulled out a map instead of going down the increasingly dangerous route. After the road had changed from rocky to dirt, Katie started to get visibly anxious. She got out of the car and helped me do like a 20 point turn out of there and go the actual trailhead, which by the way was about an hour of a drive. While stupid on my end, it was beautiful and an interesting unnecessary adventure, something I have lately been craving. So much so, one of my recent goals has been to save up for a Wrangler.


Always first head to the parking lot of your destination.

The first part of the hike was cool. I wish these evergreen plants were more plentiful in Maryland. They really set a mood.

This is a four part waterfall hike which honestly would be a dope first backpacking trip for David, Katie. 😏😉

I don’t think those icicles in the photo above were there on the way back.

Big Branch Falls

For our second falls of the day, we have…

Big Laurel Falls

The cool thing about this waterfall, was not only the falls, but the cave that you could walk inside of behind the falls. Then once you are inside, floor of the cave while clearly dirt had this spongy like surface similar to one of those protective indoor play grounds. The combination of the ground, the waterfall, and the high ceilings of reddish rock cave really made the experience feel almost magical. I was in awe, for lack of better words.

Next there was Sheep Cave, which more like a series of waterfalls than a cave. Basically, it was cave with a stream coming out of it leading to…

Sheep Cave

…a few waterfalls, including this one, which I managed to get close to:

Finally, we have the destination that my GPS originally was taking me to, Virgin Falls!

NameVirgin Falls
LocationSparta, TN
Trailhead/Parking35.854015, -85.282153
Trail NameVirgin Fall Trail
Hike Length8.3 miles

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