This was one of the hardest day hikes I’ve done in a while back in March 2019, solely because I was under prepared.

I’m not the type to take selfies, but I’ll occasionally take them for myself to help me remember moods if I think it is something I would like to remember. This said, this expression very much describes how I was feeling the first mile into the hike.

Basically, I was hangry, to the point of those cold clammy sweats when you realized you’ve expended too much of your energy. Stupidly, At the time this photo was taken, I wasn’t carrying any food and had just scaled up the steepest section of iced over trail in my running shoes. I did think about heading back the way I came, but I feared it would be too dangerous going down the steepest trek of the trail on low energy so I continued forward with 2.3 miles of trail left. In the grand scheme of things, I was fine, but the combination of only being a mile in at my slow pace due to the unexpectancy of the iced over trails, the lack of the proper nutrition, and the lack of a headlamp close to sun down, gave me a little bit of angst at the time.

Fortunately, the top had enough exposure and was not iced over.

Sunning view on top

On the way down, the trekking poles I had were useless along with my running shoes, but I did have gloves, so it was just a lot of me just butt sliding with my hand stabilizing me as my trekking poles just dragging along behind me. Sooo thankful I had gloves. πŸ™‚

NameMount Tammy
LocationKnowlton Township, NJ
Trailhead/Parking40.971884, -75.123499 – Red Dot Trail Start
Trail NameRed Dot Trail – 1.5 miles
Blue Dot Trail – 1.2 miles (left turn)
Dunnfield Creek Trail – 0.6 miles (left turn)
Hike Length3.3 miles

Sides Notes:

  • 0.4 miles of this trail rides along south bound of the Appalachian Trail.
  • Bring food, you never know when you’ll be hungry or if the adventure takes you a different direction! πŸ™‚

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