Dark Hallow Falls is a destination I’ve been to multiple of times so the photos are going to be a mixed bag of all of the occurrences I’ve visited the falls, two of which were part of group hikes I’ve organized. You’ll as well get to see my shoddy photo skills far back as July 2016.

May 2018

August 2016

July 2016

From what I’ve noticed, quite a few people turn around after Dark Hallow Falls as the end point of Dark Hallow Falls Trail, although, the trail keeps going to Rose River Falls Fire Road, where you will find along the way a couple of other smaller waterfalls.

NameDark Hallow Falls
LocationSyria, VA
Trailhead/Parking38.519639, -78.431020
Trail NameDark Hallow Falls Trail
Hike Length1.4 miles (In & Out)

Side Notes:

  • For maximum water flow, I recommend going to the falls, or any falls for that matter in the Spring months of the year.
  • This hike is off of skyline drive in Shenandoah National Park. This said, please be aware that this hike will require you to pay entry to the park, which I believe is currently $25/vehicle.
  • To get your monies worth, you can pair this hike with a couple of others hikes nearby off of skyline drive.
  • There is an AllTrails Map for this hike.

Personal right now thoughts…like as I am writing this:

Sometimes I wonder if I can put aside the time to add more of myself to these posts that is not just informative. Bare minimum, the goal is to be informative. I do not want there to ever be an upload that doesn’t serve a point. This desire though is a want to add a touch of personality, to give the information a human element. Not “this happened and then this happened” kind of content, some real thoughtful content. I’ve delivered on this kind of content before, but during a time when life was simple…a life that is revolved solely around my needs, seemingly endless time, and trail. Though as wonderful as those circumstances were, I need to recognize that this is an excuse. If I really want something, I can will it into existence. Though, that prompts the question, how bad to I want it? Not only that…are you willing to sacrifice your other interests to bring such content into existence?

So yeah, these are the types of conversations I have been having with myself the past few weekends. Maybe I should have a section like this at the end of every other post and call it, “Weekly Introspection.” With the extra time on the weekends as a result of the recent pandemic scare, I’ve been thinking while this is quite the historical event I’m living through, I can’t help but think I should be doing something. At first I was thinking, what a great time to get back into some video games, but more of myself wants to spend less time consuming and more on creation. Question is, how can I best use my time on the weekend wisely? I was thinking work, though I don’t want to burn out, but every time I think of what would be a better use of my time and creations, I keep coming back to work. I have a couple of goals I would like execute, but those will only last so long, so I’ve been reevaluating my goals lately to see how they will be affected by the current change of pace the world is currently facing. If this stay at home order is still in effect come May, I can see myself working or at least working on myself with online classes during my free time.

This said, even though I will no longer be able to travel on the weekends for the time being, I will still keep posting Tuesdays and Fridays as I have been doing since the beginning of 2020.

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