This trip was during a time period post AT (Appalachian Trail), December 2017 when Katie resided in Maryland for a year to support a friend in need. Thinking back, Katie living in Maryland was a unique occurrence. To break this down a little further, Katie (Trail name, Apache) and I met on the trail in the Smokies who resided most of her life in Tennessee, decided to live in Maryland, where I have spent most of my life. Maybe it’s not as unique as I am making it out to be, but it was a treat to have someone else who had also hiked the trail close by to hike with. In attempts to show Katie around Maryland we hiked together quite often, exploring areas of Maryland in which were even new to myself, such as this one. 🙂

Rogues Harbor

White Banks Trail

Turkey Point Lighthouse

The photos are in no particular order. This was largely an exploratory hike.

NameElk State Park
LocationNorth East, MD
Parking/Trailhead39.467913, -75.985857 – Rogues Harbor
39.465365, -75.986894 – White Banks Trail
39.459711, -76.005857 – Turkey Point Lighthouse Trail
Trail NameWhite Banks Trail – 3 miles
Turkey Point Lighthouse Trail – 1.5 miles
Hike Length3-5 miles

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