Love for Mountain Observation Towers

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This has been on my to-go list for so long. I’m happy I finally had the chance to go here. Due to the still current pandemic, Hope and I canceled our flight and trip to the Asheville, North Carolina area and instead picked an area not as far that we could drive to. Fortunately, I have what would one call an arsenal of locations I keep on map of all the places I want to go to, so basically we just picked an area on my map that had a group of these destinations close together, which in this particular case were between the two cities, Charleston, WV and Roanoke VA. The beautiful, but long drive alone to this area was well worth the drive. I always forget how mountainous southern Virginia is. Defiantly wouldn’t mind living there long term on some beautiful wooded hill, hopefully close to this beautiful place.

There are a handful of these observation towers I’ve been to in the Appalachian Mountains, though not as well maintained and as beautiful as this one. I too have a few marked for future endeavor in the Cascade Range. Hopefully, I’ll get the chance sometime this year. šŸ¤™šŸ»

NameHanging Rock Raptor Observatory
LocationUnion, Central, WV
Parking/Trailhead37.509900, -80.438091
Trail NameAllegheny Trail
Hike Length2.0 miles (Out & Back)

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