Glacier Point

As I have said in three previous posts, this trip is part of a larger trip in California back in May 2018 with a friend and travel companion, Karen.

At any point if you’re interested in reading from Karen’s perspective, here is her blog post from this day: California: Yosemite National Park.

Glacier Point is quite unique. It is the one and only place that I know of where you can see the entirety of Yosemite Valley with out hiking a mile.

Aside from the valley, left to right, you can see Yosemite Falls, Half Dome, Vernal Falls, and Nevada Fall. Same day, we hiked to Vernal and Nevada Falls, which you can check out here: Our Epic Yosemite Hike.

Along the drive to Glacier Point, Karen and I were ecstatic! The pictures alone, while extraordinarily (😅), are not enough to show just how expansive Yosemite truly was.

Right before, not even a mile away from parking for Glacier Point is a small pull off for Washburn Point.

Washburn Point

I remember standing on a fence post with my arms up in the air to get angle for the above shot. For instance, below is a shot of us from the ground, which isn’t a bad photo, just a little awkward.

Washburn Point

NameGlacier Point
LocationYosemite Valley, CA
Parking/Trailhead37.727489, -119.575887
Trail NameGlacier Point Trail
Hike Length0.6 miles

Side Notes:

  • Check for closures while planning your trip.
  • Glacier Point trail is handicap accessible.
  • Karen’s blog post: California: Yosemite National Park – Photos will look a bit different than my post, for I color corrected these photos. I’ve found that color is distorted on smart phone cameras after 10 feet away. There are cameras out there that have software built in to adjust for this, but the phones we shot on at the time, did not have these capabilities.

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