Hawk Rock

I’ve actually been here multiple counts with different people. This particularity time was in January 2019 with Hope. I knew about the cold temps, preparing adequately, but unfortunately was unaware of the packed snow terrain Pennsylvania had in store for us.

It had been so cold that my phone turned off shortly after the pictures we took at Hawk Rock Overlook. So while hiking the ridge from Hawk Rock to Eagles Edge, I used a hand warmer I had been carrying to turn back on my phone. If I am remembering correctly, the temperatures were in the high teens.

Eagles Edge Overlook

I’m actually not pointing down in the shot, I’m likely making a fist from how cold I was and my glove was just doing what it wanted while I wasn’t in control. Ha 😛

The view from Eagles Edge is stunning. While there is a AllTrails Map of this loop hike (listed below in Side Notes), this overlook is as not as popular as Hawk Rock. The cool part about this overlook is that you can see and hear the regular trains pass by similar to the Maryland Heights view overlooking Harper’s Ferry, WV.

The trek down from Eagles Edge Overlook was a bit much for the current terrain. We nearly butt slid down the entirety of the way from Eagles Edge following the loop trail back to the trailhead.

NameHawk Rock
Eagles Edge Overlook
LocationDuncannon, PA
Parking/Trailhead40.382954, -77.033153
Trail NameUnnamed Trail (From Parking Lot) – 0.2 miles
Appalachian Trail (Straight) – 0.8 miles
Unnamed Trail (Left Turn Along Ridge) – 0.9 miles
Appalachian Trail (Left Turn) – 0.1 miles
Unnamed Trail (Sharp Right Turn) – 0.2 miles.
Hike Length2.2 miles

Side Notes:

  • Life Update: The reason there were zero blog posts last week to be seen was unexpected inflow of work at work. There is still an influx, but I did not want to miss two weeks straight of content.
  • AllTrails Hike Information Link

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