This is a throw back trip within a larger trip back in late December 2018 where I am visiting Tennessee for the first time and as well as a shorter post this time around, for I am personally very busy with work and organizing for a backpacking trip this memorial day weekend. If I am remembering correctly, this was actually our last destination within the trip. If you would like to read of my full experience, here is my Tennessee Trip post. If you would prefer to wait, I do plan to eventually sprinkle the hiking related destinations separately throughout this year.

The Deets…

NameOzone Falls
LocationRockwood, TN
Ozone, TN
Trailhead/Parking35.881506, -84.810159
Trail NameUnnamed
Hike Length 0.3 miles

Side Notes:

  • The link on “Ozone Falls” seems be in the wrong place. Maybe 50-100 feet downstream from where the falls actually is.
  • While the trail is very short, the trek down and behind the falls can be very steep, as well as potentially slippery so be careful!
  • There is a trail to the top of the falls, but I personally tend to avoid tops of falls and other places that could result in my instant death from a simple misstep.

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