This hike during my 2020 January solo trip was the hike I realized one of two things. One, I would need to start using the StairMaster in the gym I had belonged to in preparation for the Utah Highland trail thru-hike I’d planned for later in the year. Two, I needed coffee to handicap the pain for my jam packed schedule for the remainder of the day. In short, the hike was difficult and I was out of shape.

To keep this clear, anyone can do this hike. Just mentally prepare yourself that everything you climb down, you have to climb back up.

Name High Falls
LocationGlenville, NC
Trailhead/Parking35.198512, -83.159838
Trail NameHigh Falls Trail via Ralph J Andrews Park
Hike Length1.3 miles


Lately, I’ve wanted to mix things up. I’m very much content with my current state of being, though I am starting to grow impatient while I inch myself closer and closer to my goals. In less desirable states of mind, I have been convincing myself to make compromises and then have to remind myself that a compromise would not be as fulfilling. In attempts to avoid this cycle of overthinking hell, I’ve been attempting to open myself with new persons, books, and unfortunately another TV show. I say unfortunately, because I have this very bad completion habit, which in turn has even affected progress on my goals. TV (in this case Netflix) in general is the enemy of progress. Well in reality it’s me. Ha But besides that I cannot help but partake occasionally, especially with Hope when she is too tired or it is too late for us to go on a hike.

In regards to such a recent lack of patience, I am likely in need of a change of pace. Normally, I would travel to new places, but with the skill current pandemic, I found myself thinking back to what I did prior to hiking and traveling. Before, quite some time ago (pre-trail), I would buy something from my want list until that new “fresh” change of pace feeling carried me until a later date. Instead of buying something, I decided to open myself up to new persons, in which commonly proceed with new connections, ideas, and perspectives.

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