This is the first viewpoint in Maryland 0.1 miles downhill off trail. When hiking through, I did not attempt this side trail. I had this preconceived notion that all Maryland views were going to be not that great. Going back later, and last weekend, I now would say Weverton Cliffs is one of the best views on/off the trail.

Speaking of Maryland, I’m going to check out some pieces of Western Maryland, near Green Ridge State Forest this weekend. With my new found love of West Virginia, I would like to spend my weekends in West Virginia, however I recently signed a contract with my employer, which entails me to work from home (self quarantine) for 14 days if I were to leave the state, so with current circumstances, I am forcing myself to venture inside the box. 😋 I know what you’re thinking and it has crossed my mind too as well as the minds of my friends. I think it is not worth the risk to jeopardize my relationship and trust with my employer.

NameWeverton Cliffs
LocationKnoxville, MD
Parking/TrailheadWeverton Cliffs Parking Lot
Trail NameAppalachian Trail – 1.3 miles
Unnamed Side Trail (to view) – 0.2 miles
Hike Length1.5 miles

Side Notes:

  • This trail is on AllTrails
  • This is a very popular spot, though there is plenty of overflow parking along Weverton Cliff Road
  • If you stay long enough at the view from Weverton Cliffs, you’ll get to see and hear the trains go by.

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