Largest Arch Bridge in the Western Hemisphere

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This was the one of our first destinations of our late March 2020 trip before returning home. As I’ve likely said in a previous post, this trip was as a result of cancelling our flight to North Carolina due to the still current pandemic, a week before the Maryland travel ban. In efforts to keep our time off, we settled for a different drive-able destination.

All the photos in this post are in the same area by the arch bridge, but not all on the same trail. The trail mentioned in the table below is to the main view as you can see at the top of this post. I highly recommend checking out the other trails!

Speaking of the area, on the way to a waterfall, we drove down the the bottom of New River and saw what used to be a mining town by the river. Before the arch bridge built I believe in the 1970s, it would take 40 minutes to cross the river via the bridge before this one, maybe one or two bridge updates ago.

Cool area if you are into history. I’m intrigued, understand the importance, but would rather explore during my time off. Maybe I’ll have a change of heart when I’m older, but for now, I just explore. 🤙🏻

In efforts to explore further upstream after we could not find, Wolf Creek Falls (coordinates must be wrong), we explored around Kaymoor Trail, which is labeled, “Wolf Creek Trail Head” on Google Maps in search of the falls. Further up trail, we found Kaymoor Trail to be closed due to an unstable trail, but along the way to the closure, we did see this cool 😍 little cascade on the side of the trail likely from the heavy rains from the previous night.

Oh and right by the trailhead of Kaymoor Trail there were some moody rapids that turned out to be a great shot.

The trail to the panoramic views of New River Arch Bridge in the distance was cool. The rhododendron gave the trail a jungle like vibe.

Especially, just as you’re getting close to the view, Long Point Overlook. the trail sort of tunnels until you get to this clearing with pine trees. The interesting part is that those edges in the photo below, are pretty much straight drops on both sides, so watch your step and take your time.

NameLong Point Overlook
LocationFayetteville, WV
Trailhead/Parking38.045970, -81.068392
Trail NameFayetteville Trail – 0.6 Miles
Right Turn
Long Point Trail – 2.0 Miles
Left Turn
Butcher Branch Trail – 0.7 Miles
Hike Length3.3 Miles
AllTrails LinkButcher Branch to Long Point Trail

Side Notes:

  • There is a bathroom at the trailhead. 🧻
  • We did hike all of what you will find in the AllTrails map, but we took a slightly different way that made our hike into more of a loop hike as I have outlined in the table next to trail name.
  • Territorial Owls:

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