Lately, I have been missing something and I think this the something. I wanted to push and keep the habit of posting twice a week throughout the year, but right around August I also wanted to try to live more in the present. I didn’t want for this to become something that I felt like I had to do. I have several other excuses for falling out the habit, but none are really worth explaining.

Anyhow, this is the first hike Katie and I did together during a trip right about when the world had been shutting down in mid-March 2020.

Originally, I had a flight, but I cancelled and decided to drive instead out of fear I wouldn’t be able to fly back. I think the drive for me was 8-10 hours each way. I did not take time off, so I had made this trip happen in a weekends time. This actually sounds pretty exhausting, but it’s not uncommon for me to do long drives at the end of the Winter, beginning of the Spring time of year. I travel less in the Winter, so I’m eager to get out there.

At the trailhead, I’m glad we both had service to find each other because this trailhead was packed, like cars parked along the road for a mile from the trailhead packed.

We hiked up and it was a pretty decent climb. Nothing too crazy, but since this trail keeps going, there wasn’t an obvious turn around point.

Once your at 2.9k feet, the trail is pretty much flat. There is a view off to the side shortly after the dry pond by the summit of Shortoff Mountain, but it is easy to miss. I think we had walked an additional mile further without realizing we had past the summit of Shortoff Mountain.

While there is a view near Shortoff Mountain, the views are not as amazing (at least in my opinion) if you wanted to cut the hike short at hike 1.6 miles in to turn around, which is actually near the location of the photo taken immediately above.

NameShortoff Mountain
LocationUpper Creek, NC
Parking/TrailheadWolf Pit Trailhead
Trail NameTR235 – Wolf Pit Trail – 1 mile
TR440 – Mountains-To-Sea Trail – 1.3 miles
Turn Around
TR440 – Mountains-To-Sea Trail – 1.3 miles
TR235 – Wolf Pit Trail – 1 mile
Hike Length5.5 Miles (Out & Back)
AllTrails LinkShortoff Mountain

Looking back at these photos taken not even a year ago, I’m thinking that wish I had invested into a camera earlier. There are some imperfections in the light, specifically in the third photo that could have been avoided.

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