I recently stumbled back at this photo looking back at old trips during my lunch today. This trip was back in late September 2019, which happens to be the same trip as my Blue Gem blog entry near my favorite town in West Virginia, Thomas, WV. It’s simple, it’s sweet, and has a coffee shop 😘 with a ton of neighboring trails with some pretty eye opening gems that you wouldn’t expect to see.

The trail for this iconic waterfall, is short, handicap accessible, and as you would expect, very busy so I recommend a weekday or early mornings if at all possible.

NameBlackwater Falls
LocationDavis, WV
Parking/Trailhead39.112850, -79.484154
Trail NameUnnamed
Hike Length0.4 miles (Out & Back)
AllTrails LinkBlackwater Falls

Life Stuff

Current Weekday Schedule:
  • Wake
    • Morning Routine: Breakfast/Coffee/Shower
  • Work
    • 8-10 hours
    • Eat – I usually have to set an alarm for this.
  • Gym
    • 45 – 60 minutes
  • Eat
    • Meal prep food – One less thing to think about
  • Me Time: 2-3 hours
    • Write a blog as I am doing now OR
    • Hang out with girlfriend OR
    • Work on homework OR
    • Plan future trip OR
    • Log back on to do more work OR
    • Peruse on YouTube – Mostly coding, finance, and alternative living stuff.
  • Sleep: 8-9 hours

The weekend, isn’t worth breaking break down. Aside from my meal prep, cleaning, and errands on Sunday to keep my mind focused and clear during the week, this is my life in the present, hopefully I get to travel time, catch up with friend time, though lately it’s been more so allocated for school work. I underestimated the amount of time continuing my Masters would take. For the most part it has been in place of my “Me Time,” which frankly had been burning me out. Now, I’m stable, enjoying life for the most part, and continuing to put my all into my optimistic goals.

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