I feel like once I incorporate a new habit into my schedule, I lose a habit or at least life becomes a bit more chaotic until the new habit has fully formed, hence the late blog post, though I did get the Instagram post up in time.

I’m currently incorporating weight training into my schedule. The goal is to simply see if I can keep this habit. I am very much a noob at this, but I’d like to see what will become of forming this habit.

Anyway, the hike, which is arguably one of the best views in Shenandoah National Park in the post took place in June of 2019, days before an internship as an Applications Developer at UPS and about a month after leaving Starbucks. The trip was planned as result of a request, though such persons weren’t able make the hike.

This particular hike in Shenandoah at the time was new to me. I had not heard of this hike prior. The way I found this spot was using the street view feature on the desktop version of Google Maps, which by the way has proven to be quite the useful tool when planning trips. If you were curious, they now have this feature on the mobile app, though it’s so much easier to use the desktop version.

One of the Two Views Right Before the Descent

NameMiller’s Head
LocationLuray, Virginia
Parking/Trailhead38.590535, -78.383786
Trail NameMiller’s Head Trail
Hike Length1.6 Miles (Out & Back)
AllTrails LinkMiller’s Head Trail

Sides Notes:

  • Parking isn’t obvious, but I assure you the GPS location above is where we parked.
  • The trail head has a stone post at the start of the trail with its name as in the second photo above.

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