My apologies for the break in blog posts. With the new variants of coronavirus emerging, I found most of my evenings focused on how would I pivot with the entire possibly that the year will be a similar rodeo to last year…pandemic V2 if you will, though I do have to admit, not all this time was spent thinking. 😅

With the state of the world still shut down from the Covid pandemic, I do not see myself traveling very far for a while. Prior the Covid outbreak, the game plan for 2020 while working my 9-5, was to adventure via air on the weekends every month to explore the area I could visit within a weekend time span in the continental United States and expand to foreign travel in 2021. Since, I am unable to travel very far, I decided to expedite my plans of buying a 4×4 vehicle. With a 4×4 vehicle I will be able to explore my surrounding area (states bordering Maryland) in a bit more depth that will ultimately be new to me.

Quite recently, we experienced a few snow days in Maryland and for the first time got some use out of those micro spikes my parents bought me two or three Christmases ago, though not for me, but a friend of mine. On my most recent organized group hike, mid-February, my friend Conor did not have a pair of trekking poles for the hike, so made sure to bring him at least some form of grip. After some time and icebreakers for not having seen each other in a while, there was a visible difference in performance. Conor looked as if he had been experiencing zero trouble. He even mentioned that he had more grip than normal and felt sorry for Rachel and I as we were noticeably slipping with each step as we trekked up Bob’s Hill.

On the up up up, we talked for quite a while. You could see the snow covered Maryland fields in the distance.

Me in front of a camera this time

Hiking back on the downhill was glorious. Down hill hiking in snow, knowing you don’t have to go back up it, is such a treat. It may have taken only 30 minutes to get back down to our cars. Before parting ways, we decided on grabbing a bite to eat in Fredrick. 🌮🍸

NameBob’s Hill Overlook
LocationThurmont, MD
Trailhead/Parking39.586455, -77.435925
Trail NameCatoctin National Recreation Trail
Hike Length3.2 Miles
AllTrails LinkBob’s Hill via Catoctin National Recreation Trail

Gaia GPS Map Screenshot


  • Entrance fee is $3 cash
  • There are alternative routes to this view, but I am sure this one is the shortest.

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