As the title states, this tops my previous top view in all of PA which is the location from my post called, “One of Pennsylvania’s Finest” -> I normally would just embed the link in the referenced title, but did it this way to point out what the page name is actually called, “best-pa-view” which was likely the original title, but changed it to add a bit of flavor for lack of a better word. The view reminds me of the view at McAfee Knob in Virginia based on how the mountains line in the view, which coincidentally is known as the best view in Virginia, or at least the most famous.

This particular view was on the way back from another hike in northern PA, which I will cover on a later date. The awkward thing about this hike is that I got my car stuck here. The road which leads to this view was covered in snow and I thought I could drive in with my 2-wheel drive car. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I had a positive reality disorientation on the capability of my car. Long story short, without the proper equipment to get unstuck, we assembled some sticks underneath my front tires to gain enough momentum to thankfully get back to the main road, without getting stuck again. I would say it took us about an hour.

That View πŸ™ŒπŸ»

When we got there, I realized that I might have a problem getting back to the main road, but I kept my cool πŸ˜… until after the view to not waste the moment. Though to be completely honest, I was internally freaking out. Like to shovel myself out, I had to use my feet. I had zero equipment to get unstuck. A shovel or one of those tread pads would have been stellar. Luckily, we were on the same mountain as a cell tower, so I knew that I wasn’t completely screwed.

In case you visit when there is snow on the road, there is a place we noticed you could park by the main road, however, it will be a 3.6 mile long road hike compared to a < 0.1 mile hike, so unless you have four wheel drive, I recommend visiting in warmer conditions.

NameBig Mountain Overlook
LocationFort Loudon, PA
Trailhead/Parking39.949118, -77.937253
Trail NameN/A
Hike Length< 0.1 Miles (Out & Back)
AllTrails LinkN/A

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