Day 58 (Mile 702.0 – 718.7):

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I finished the book, “Bachelor Pad Economics” by Aaron Clarey. Besides the very dull chapter about how to set up a good retirement account and how to get a start on personal investments, it was an interesting read/listen and highly recommended it for other men that are interested in getting there shit together. I thoroughly enjoyed the chapter on the politics of having a corporate job.  Very on point. Besides the topic of this book being finance, it is more like a life manual for men.  At least read the first three chapters if you pick it up! I feel the need to mention while it is not completely a bad idea for women to read this book, to keep in mind that the book is written for men.

Managed to get new shoes fairly quickly. I did not need to even walk a road to town. On GutHook, there was a side trail that took me directly to the post office in Catawba.  With that very much over grown trail, getting my shoes only took two hours out of my day!20170614_215054

Why the shitty color choice? Well by choosing this color alone, I saved $60.

My shoes were not the only package I received. I also received some more treats from David and Suzi Madison!20170612_12042020170612_120412

Thank you very much for your support again! =)

This was quite the eventful day. Looking back to edit this blog, going into Catawba felt like a separate day from hiking up to the beautiful views of McAfee Knob.


So hot today. Sincerely considering short shorts or just wearing my boxer breifs in the not too distant future. 20170612_181820

View from the Cliffs just north of McAfee Knob:20170612_195231

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